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Tooth Plaque Remover

Tooth Plaque Remover

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Healthy Gums and Teeth All The Time

Are you experiencing bad breath, discolored teeth, dental plaque, tea dentin, and other oral health problems? Resolve your dental woes with this Plaque Remover. Tooth cleaning has been made easy and convenient.


  • Whitening and cleaning teeth by removing dental stains
  • Removes tartar and dental plaque
  • Rotating and replaceable brush heads accessories for different cleaning purposes
  • Rechargeable and highly portable
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Deep Clean Your Teeth

This plaque remover whitens your teeth by gently removing stubborn dental stains, and polishes the teeth surface. It breaks bad breath, thus effective prevention of tooth decay. 
Operating on a high-frequency motor of 13,000 per minute sonic vibrations, it can provide excellent cleaning and whitening.

Designed For Your Comfort

Remove Plaque and Dental Stains

This plaque remover is an easy and most effective way to floss to improve gum health. Perfect for braces, implants, and other dental work. This plaque remover can gently remove tartar and light stains without hurting your gums. Safe for your teeth, the sonic pulses help to scale plaque, and can shape healthier gums.

Easy to Operate

Using this tool is very simple. This tooth stain remover has an operation button with 3 choices -- clean mode, medium mode, and sensitive mode. Tips rotate 360 degrees for easy access to all areas of the mouth. Rotatable nozzle removes food residue from every corner. Also features a massage mode for gum stimulation.

Experience a Multifunctional Tooth Grinder

Your all-in-one tooth cleaning tool. It has an accessory of four kinds of brushes, each with a unique cup head for a different purpose.

POLISHING CUP HEAD with a small brush to clean the blind area of the mouth. It is a slit between teeth cleaning. Perfect to polish and whiten your teeth.

FLAT-TOP BRUSH HEAD to delay tooth stains and prevent developing dental stones. It smoothens your tooth and is perfect for regular stain cleaning of your teeth.

CUPSIDAL BRUSH HEAD for tartar cleaning. Use it once a week, suitable for cleaning residual stains between teeth.

Convenient to Use

Lightweight and portable, this tooth cleaning tool bring great convenience when on the go. Made of ABS plastic, it is anti-rust and hygienic. Powered by a universal micro USB with 2 pcs AA batteries.

Product Details


Material: ABS plastic
Size: L 2.5 x 12cm
Input: 5v / 0.5A
Power: 1watt
Power Supply: universal micro USB
Battery: 2 AA (not included)

What's included ?

1 x Tooth Plaque Remover

4 x Heads