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Side Sleeper Knee Pillow

Side Sleeper Knee Pillow

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Waking Up With a Sore & Achy Back? Or Struggling With Sciatica, Lower Back Or Knee Stiffness & Osteoarthritis? Relieve back pain, ease tension and allow your body to get a good 8 hours of sleep without waking up to stabbing pain with Oraliu's Side Sleeper Knee Pillow


  • Aligns The Hip & Spine - Relieves lower back pressure
  • Promotes blood Circulation - Reduces risk of chronic back pain
  • Perfect Leg Stacking - Fall asleep faster & deeper
  • Proprietary Memory Foam - Velvety & lasting support
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  • Sciatica

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Chronic Back Pain

  • Pelvic & Hip Pain

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Pinched Nerve

  • Herniated Disc

  • SI Joint Dysfunction

Deep, Pain-Free Sleep, The Natural Way

Create a blissful space for your favorite sleeping position with the Oraliu Knee Pillow.

This state-of-the-art pillow is your little helper to relieve back, leg, knee, and hip pains.

Its unique shape allows for a healthy side sleeping posture, giving you uninterrupted, pain-free, and rejuvenating sleep.

The Secret Ingredients:

Pillow core: CertiPUR-US® certified bamboo memory foam—a.k.a. the meeting place between comfort and support.

The Pillowcase: Silky smooth Tencel.

Get Deep, Pain-free Sleep. Every Night.

  • Complete Body Alignment

    The knee pillow aligns the whole body, including the spine and legs so that no excess amount of pressure or stretch is exerted on the muscles and joints. This allows for the affected areas to heal and slowly reverse the damage

  • Improved Blood Flow

    By relieving pressure on the affected areas, the Knee Pillow allows for improved blood flow which in return helps the body to deliver increased amounts of nutrients and oxygen rich blood that lead to reduced inflammation and faster recovery times.

  • No More Stiffness

    Sore and stiff muscles usually develop over night while we sleep in bad positions where the muscles get stretched over a longer period of time. This is how sleeping in ergonomic positions can improve muscle soreness and stiffness in the mornings.

  • Deep, Restful Sleep

    Uninterrupted and pain-free sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. This is why you can not only benefit directly from less pain and stiffness in the back and knees but also improved overall health by sleeping better.

What Makes The Side Sleeper Knee Pillow So Special?

Oraliu has perfected the design and materials for years which has lead to this being the absolutely favourite of customers.

Proprietary extra dense and CertiPUR certified dynamic rebounding memory foam stays supportive to ease lower back pressure and help you sleep great and wake up pain-free.

  • ★★★★★

    I feel more rested

    "After a really bad meniscus tear I really needed support during the night. It was Gods blessing that I found this. It really allowed me to fall asleep faster because I wasn't feeling any pain and discomfort."


    - Andrea Genov

  • ★★★★★

    Not waking up with a sore back anymore

    "I had scitica flareups more and more frequantly so I decided to change everything from diet to lifestyle. This side sleeper pillow helped me imrpove my sleep and the mornings started improving really fast!"


    - Chloe Zabinski

  • ★★★★★

    Lower back pain getting better

    "30 years in construction was not really beneficial for my back and I ended up getting shots. After therapy this helped my back to heal faster and avoid more injuries. I recommend it for sure"


    - Adam Abbott

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Product Details

What's included ?

1 x Side Sleeper Knee Pillow



How fast will the Knee Pillow help me with my knee or back pain?

Right away! Customers reported improvements instantly and after the 1st night with the pillow.

Is it washable?

Yes! You can take off the tencel cover and wash it in the machine as usual.

Should I use it every night?

We do recommend sleeping with it every night. But leaving it out every once in a while will not hurt too much.

Are the materials non-toxic?

All materials are completely safe and non toxic that have been tested by others.